NOBO Marketing Workshop


Learn about marketing for an event with New Orleans Box Office! This 2 hour workshop is for event marketing, whether that is for a theatre production, album release, or art exhibit. We know you are focused on creating your art, however, you are creating it to share with other people! This workshop will take the stress off of ‘How to market” by giving you focus, guidelines, tips and tricks, and confidence!

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The workshop will cover:

  • Branding for artists/producing company
  • Finding your voice and target audience
  • Basics in creating marketing strategy for an upcoming event and for your overall brand
  • Cross-platform marketing tips and tricks
  • Tips in online advertising (should you boost that post?? How much should you spend? How do you advertise effectively?)
  • Outreach without a development team
  • Measuring success and how to adjust

Expect to leave with sample roll-out schedule for an event, a sample press release, new apps to help create content, a checklist for a cohesive online brand, and the confidence to actively engage and network with your community and audience whether it is online or in person.

We will have two workshops (since we know artists have very different schedules). They both go over the same material. We are only accepting 15 people per session, we may open it up to 20, depending on the demand but we want to keep the class small for the Q&A section, we want to make sure you can get what you need out of this workshop!

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The workshop will be run by New Orleans Box Office founders, Megan Kosmoski and AshleyRose Bailey who have a background in marketing, online content creation, social media strategy, producing, and arts management. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.


InFringe Promo and Marketing

New Orleans Box Office is doing a special discount for marketing InFringe shows!!


$25 a week we will promote your show and you will get:
-social media posts (facebook, instagram, and twitter)
-guaranteed feature on our infringe blog post
-guaranteed in our infringe newsletter
-your show’s postcards will be displayed at our table for pop ups!

Oct 29th-Nov 4th Promotion: $25
Nov 5th- Nov 11th Promotion $25
(Cheaper than boosting ONE post on FB!)

You can do one week or both! Contact me with any questions (DM or email

Our organic reach: 6000+ a week on FB, 9,000+ a week on Instagram, 2,000 newsletter subscribers, 200 website visitors a week
And we are growing everyday!!

**We are a pop-up box office that sets up at art markets around town. We will be setting up at Palmer Park this weekend, first Saturday’s next weekend, in Broadmoor the following week and more! If you have postcards we will have your shows info at our pop up and we would talk up your show to people who stop at our booth. With our promotion you not only get the online boost and engagement but in-person marketing.**