ALL THE WAY by Robert Schenkkan

Loyola University, Marquette Theatre

Directed by Aimée Hayes

It’s not personal – it’s just politics.

November, 1963: an assassin’s bullet catapults Lyndon Baines Johnson into the presidency. A Shakespearean figure of towering ambition and appetite, this charismatic, conflicted Texan hurls himself into the passage of the Civil Rights Act – a tinderbox issue emblematic of a divided America – even as he campaigns for re-election in his own right and the recognition he so desperately wants. Together with Martin Luther King Jr. and an incredible cast of historical figures, they changed America – and the world.

“Historically accurate and mesmerizing. . .
Dominique McClellan is riveting . . .
Jason Kirkpatrick is nothing short of magnificent.”
– Alan Smason, WYES

Join LBJ, MLK, and a cast of 30 for the real-life drama behind Freedom Summer and the Civil Rights Act of 1964!

10% Off Your Ticket with PROMO CODE: NOBO10


  • Friday, 5/25: Lagniappe Performance Series – free pre-show entertainment at 6:45 p.m. featuring Youth Spoken Word artists.
  • Saturday, 5/26: Extra 2 p.m. matinee!
  • Saturday, 5/26: Table Talk Panel Discussion – “Freedom Summer: A Look Back” at 6:45 p.m. with Dr. Ashley Howard of Loyola University and
  • Sunday, 5/27: Actor Talkback
10% Off Your Ticket with PROMO CODE: NOBO10 

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